For Whatever Reason, Google Glass Just Got an Update

We last heard of Google Glass in 2014 when the AR-backed smart glasses from the search giant were still being supported on a regular basis. It’s been three years since then, and things have gone radio silent. That is, until today.

For whatever reason, Google has released an update to Glass that brings forth one new feature and performance/bug fixes. On the feature end, you can now connect input devices over Bluetooth to the head gear in case you wanna use a keyboard to type something in. As for under the hood improvements, bug patches can be found. There’s not much new, but it’s still interesting to see a product that’s been sitting and doing nothing for three years receive a relatively noteworthy update.

Google’s official changelog for this update can be found below.

XE23 Release Notes

Published June 20, 2017

Bluetooth Input Device

Glass can now be paired with Bluetooth input devices, including keyboards

Bug Fixes and performance improvements

If you have a Google Glass sitting in a drawer somewhere in your bedroom, go ahead and plug it back in, punch in your new Wi-Fi password, and download the update. Y’know, just because you can.