Downgrading from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 S is Now a Thing

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop launches with Windows 10 S, a stripped down, more secure version of the full Windows 10 operating system. While it may be sufficient enough for some people, not everyone wants to stick strictly with Windows Store apps and may need to run your average desktop .EXE. That’s where a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro comes into play that’s available for all Surface Laptop users. The installation takes less than two minutes to perform and you’ll then have a proper Windows laptop to enjoy.

But say, for whatever reason, you don’t want Windows 10 Pro anymore. Say you wanna go back to Windows 10 S. Well, Microsoft has your back as they’ve uploaded 10 S images to their website for Surface Laptop users to download and install.

Mind you, installing these images will erase your entire hard drive, so be sure to back up your important data beforehand. Unfortunately, this looks like the only way to revert back to the way your laptop came in the first place, but it’s unknown at this time if Microsoft will ever simplify this process. Guess we’ll have to sit tight and see.

Notably, Microsoft originally wasn’t going to give users the option of switching back to Windows 10 S after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro. The company stated that some apps may have an “unpredictable effect”, but maybe they fixed something in the system so this consequence wouldn’t be present anymore. That or the issue isn’t as significant as they originally believed. Either way, at least those who regret opting for a free upgrade can now switch back to the way things used to be. The good ol’ days, if you will.