TELUS Will Exclusively Carry the Essential Phone in Canada

We already knew Sprint would carry the device here in the States, but it was unclear how the availability of the Essential Phone in other parts of the world would be carried out when it launched. Luckily, it looks like those in Canada will be getting the handset this summer as TELUS has announced it will be the exclusive carrier of the smartphone for Canadians.

Andy Rubin, Essential’s CEO and founder, had the following to say regarding TELUS exclusive access to the Essential Phone.

“We selected TELUS as our preferred carrier partner in Canada due to our strong alignment on the importance of continuous innovation and support for consumer choice,” said Andy Rubin, CEO of Essential.  “We look forward to delighting Canadians with our premium crafted materials and powerful components.”

TELUS says the Essential Phone will be available through their own website, while Essential will sell the phone unlocked to Canadians as well. The price isn’t expected to change that much from its $699 tag, but it remains unclear for now just how much you guys up north will need to fork over.

Pre-registrations are now live on TELUS’ website for the Essential Phone. Pre-orders, on the other hand, remain locked for now.