LG May Unveil the V30 This August

LG’s V30 may be quietly one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017. We recently heard that the smartphone might feature a secondary display that slides out from the bottom of the phone similar to how a keyboard would slide out of a BlackBerry (think the 2015 BlackBerry Priv). Now, word has it that the smartphone might be unveiled earlier than usual in August.

Normally, LG will wait until September to announce their V-series smartphones and release them in October. This time around, the company may unveil the V30 in August and launch the handset during the same month, according to The Investor. It remains unclear as to how likely this may be, but at least according to recent memory, it doesn’t seem all that probable.

Then again, LG may wanna try to capture some of the crowd Samsung will scavenge up with the Galaxy Note 8 which is also expected to launch during the August month. Each smartphone is expected to feature huge displays, use OLED technology, and have their own respective sets of features that will differentiate one from the other. All in all, it’ll be interesting to see who reigns supreme in the end.

In addition, next year’s LG G7 is also expected to have an earlier launch date of January 2018, thereby beating out the Galaxy S9 by a long shot which likely won’t arrive for at least two months after that. It, too, will feature an OLED display according to today’s report.

Are you looking forward to LG’s V30?