T-Mobile and Verizon’s Galaxy S8 Now Getting Android Pay Support

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 seems to be missing features from carrier to carrier. One of Bixby’s flagship features was added to the Verizon variants of the S8 and S8+ much later after they launched, for whatever reason. And some devices have the latest security patches, while others still feature patches from April. And the latest updates for the T-Mobile and Verizon S8 variants include one odd-ball feature: Android Pay support.

I’m guessing that Verizon and T-Mobile customers couldn’t use Android Pay before on their S8 or S8+. But as a part of today’s update, the feature is here, alive, and well. You can now download the Android Pay app from the Play Store and load up your credit card to start paying for stuff with your phone. Of course, you could’ve always just used Samsung Pay at any terminal, but if you’re a die heart Googler, today’s your lucky day.

The T-Mobile and Verizon S8s are also getting improvements to Bixby and updates security patches today as well. Go check in your phone’s settings to see if you got the update yet. I’ll be waiting in the comments.