How-To: Get the Google Now Pane on Nova Launcher Without Root

We may have just written about how to get the Google Now pane on the Pixel Launcher without root, but looks like Nova wants a piece of the action. If you aren’t already aware, Nova Launch tends to be a go-to launcher for many who wanna spice up their home screen with clean visuals, speedy performance, and battery efficiency. There are even some nice easter eggs for those who install the app a certain way such as a system app.

By doing this, it would enable the Google Now pane via a swipe all the way to the left. But for anyone who wasn’t into hacking their phone, this feature was totally unavailable.

Until now.

Via an exclusive piece written by Android Police who delivered the news, the folks at TeslaCoil Software (the devs behind Nova Launcher) have introduced an updated beta build of the launcher alongside a companion app that, if installed together on your device, will enable the Google Now pane on your home screen. Previously, any launcher that wanted access to the Google Now pane would need to be installed on a system level, but previous updates to the Google app have disabled this requirement. In its place, the client app delivering the Google Now pane simply needs to be debuggable. The only problem is, debuggable apps can’t be published to the Play Store. This is why there’s a second app called Nova Google Companion that needs to be sideloaded to your device via an APK from APK Mirror. If you install it correctly, you’ll be able to swipe left for Google Now.

Mind you, it’s noted that this feature is still pretty buggy and inconsistent at times, but it should develop and improve over time. You can either download the latest Nova Launcher beta from the Play Store or via APK Mirror, while the companion app can also be downloaded from the same location.