Google Drive on Mac and PC is Getting a Lot More Sensible

Google today introduced a new app called Backup and Sync for their Google Drive cloud storage service. The app will run on both Mac and Windows PCs and allow users to back up certain folders and areas of their computer’s hard drive. It’ll be replacing the current Google Drive and Google Photos Backup apps currently available to create a more unified, sensible experience.

The Backup and Sync app is intended for the general public to use, so if you have a G Suite account, you’re out of luck. Google simply wants to create a more robust backup tool that’s still easy for use by general consumers, and this is the result. Besides, by the looks of it, I probably wouldn’t use this app for professional reasons anyhow. I’d want something much more powerful to manage my company data.

Speaking of which, Google’s upcoming Drive File Stream aims to fulfill this need for G Suite users. But until it gets released, Google recommends sticking with the current Drive and Photos Backup apps.

Google’s Backup and Sync utility will launch June 28th as a free download.