Super Mario Odyssey Launches October 27th

During E3 2017, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Odyssey, one of the upcoming Super Mario-branded video game titles for Nintendo Switch, will land October 27th. The company also gave excited fans another trailer for the game which you can view below.

In the trailer, it appears that multiple, complex levels will be present in this game, therefore making Super Mario Odyssey one of the most interesting Mario titles of all time. He visits cities, deserts, classic worlds, and more, while his hat even plays a role during gameplay. It’s been given a nickname, Cappy, and can be used to transform Mario into multiple enemies, characters, and objects. For instance, Mario threw his hat at a Bullet Bill during the trailer to the expected surprise that he turned into a Bill himself.

Oh, and if you feel like hanging out for a half-hour, check out 28 minutes of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay below.

All in all, the game just looks a lot more complex and well thought-out over other titles similar to this. Therefore, this may be one of the most popular games of the holiday season for 2017 when it lands later this year.