BlackBerry is “Actively Examining” the KeyOne’s Display Separation Issues

BlackBerry has sent a statement to CrackBerry Kevin who posted it to the CrackBerry forums regarding the KeyOne’s display separation issues demonstrated in a YouTube video. Essentially, the screen on the handset is basically snapped onto the rest of the phone rather actually being attached properly via adhesives. According to BlackBerry, they’re “actively seeking” a fix for this issue that, according to them, only a handful of users have reported.

TCL Communication has a long-standing track record of delivering high-quality devices to our customers around the world, and the BlackBerry KEYone is no different. To ensure the highest quality in the BlackBerry KEYone, we used strong, durable premium materials and conducted rigorous stress tests on the device throughout the product development cycle to meet the real life use standards our customers demand. While the BlackBerry KEYone is being met with great enthusiasm, we are aware of the concerns around potential display separation on the device. Out of the thousands of BlackBerry KEYone smartphones that have been shipped and sold globally, only a very small handful of customers have reported this kind of issue.

Our teams are actively examining additional adhesive measures that might further strengthen and eliminate any possibility of display separation occurring. If a customer does experience this however, they’re encouraged to contact us for a device warranty replacement.

As of now, it’s unclear as to when or whether BlackBerry will fix the KeyOne’s display issue. We’re assuming they’ll do some type of mid-cycle refresh to better improve the phone’s hardware, but we can’t confirm this. Obviously, we’ll let you know if we hear anything further.