Apple is Putting Its Foot Down When it Comes to iOS App Review Prompts

We’ve all seen them: those really annoying prompts within our favorite iOS apps that beg us for a review or rating. We simply say no or Remind Me Later to them, but they continue popping up constantly. Luckily, Apple has acknowledged this problem and is putting its foot down with a new API developers will be forced to use come iOS 11.

According to the updated App Store Review guidelines as originally spotted by 9to5Mac, developers are now being forced to use Apple’s in-house API built to display pop-up reminders for users to review certain applications. Only this time around, things are getting seriously locked down. For one, developers can only send these pop-ups up to three times a year, while actually rating an app via these prompts won’t take you out of the app in question. And once you rate an application, you’ll never be asked to review it again.

Obviously, this is a big change over what’s currently happening. For whatever reason, Apple resets users’ reviews after each and every update for an app regardless of how big or small it is, therefore leading to some pretty constant review pop-ups and causing more headaches for users. But now, it seems that Apple is taking this issue seriously and is doing something about it.

But say this news doesn’t impress you. What if you didn’t wanna see the review prompts inside apps at all? Well, in iOS 11, you’ll be able to turn them off completely via a simple toggle in the Settings app. By turning the option off, you’ll never be bothered by those five stars in a pop-up window again asking for your approval. And yeah, I love helping developers in any way I can, but I think I’ll be one who turns this feature off as well.


In case you’re curious, here’s how the new pop-up will appear.


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