Microsoft Upgrades Windows 10 Fall Creators Update with a Ton of New Features

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 to Fast ring users who are members of the Insider program. Specifically, the company is rolling out build 16215 which is a member of the Fall Creators Update, due out this fall. The build includes many new features that are worth noting.


For starters, there’s a new Action Center. Microsoft has given their place where notifications live a makeover with the new Fluent Design System in addition to groups of notifications depending on where they came from (e.g. apps, your device, etc). You can now also pin your favorite websites to the Windows 10 taskbar, while full-screen mode for Microsoft Edge is now a thing.

Cortana has gotten smarter in the latest build of Windows 10 with the ability to take reminders based on information found on posters or flyers you’ve taken a picture of. As long as you grant Cortana access to your photo gallery, this function will work automatically. This also works with your pen as you can circle relevant information for things like a meeting or concert using Cortana’s new lasso feature and she’ll automatically prompt you to create a reminder or calendar appointment out of an identified date, time, and/or title.

Handwriting in Windows 10 is also getting a nice upgrade. You can now have your handwriting converted into text, while your words will automatically shift to the left as you continue writing for more writing space. Selecting text to edit is now also here with your pen, and if you make a mistake on a word you’ve written, simply sketch over the incorrect letter and it’ll be changed to the letter you originally intended on writing.What’s more, easier access to emojis, reducing palm rejection, improved handwriting recognition, and more are also on board.


What’s more, easier access to emojis [via a snappy Win + period (.) shortcut], improved palm rejection, improved handwriting recognition, and more are also on board.


There’s also a new Find My Pen feature that does exactly what you think: it locates your pen in case you lost it somewhere.


Finally, a new on-screen keyboard includes enhanced text prediction, an improved emoji experience, a fresh settings menu, a one-handed mode for tablets (believe it or not), and swipe-to-text on PCs has also arrived.

A ton of other little tidbits including dictation on the desktop, fresh Shell improvements, HDR settings for supported displays, and improvements to the Windows 10 gaming experience can also be found in the latest Insider preview. Those of you on the Fast ring can download the new build today, while everyone else will get the updates come this fall when the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is released.