Amazon Just Cut Everyone’s Cloud Storage Back a Ton

Amazon just made a huge change to their cloud storage options. Those subscribed to Amazon Drive for $60/month usually get unlimited cloud storage for all of their files, therefore making other services like Google Drive and Dropbox seem a bit less appealing. But now, Amazon has reduced the size of allocated storage space for $60/month subscribers to just 1 terabyte. And if you want more than 1TB each month, you’ll have to pay an extra $60 per month for an additional terabyte. The maximum amount of storage space you can have now is 30TB which, if you do the math, will cost $1,800/month. Ouch.

Now look, don’t let this confuse you. This change is only for those subscribed to Amazon Drive. Those of you who use Amazon’s free unlimited photo storage as a part of a Prime subscription still get it for free, while those who are subscribed to Amazon Drive on the lowest possible plan still get 5GB of free space each month. But if you’ve been spending the equivalent of a tenth of a flagship smartphone each month for Amazon’s cloud services, you may be pretty ticked off by today’s news.

Anyone paying $60/month for unlimited storage will soon be downgraded to just 1TB. Amazon is giving these users 180 days to start clearing out most of their files before the company starts doing it for you. While today’s news is stupid unfortunate, remember that this used to be a simple perk to draw in users. Amazon used unlimited cloud storage to pry people away from leading competitors, similar to what Microsoft did with OneDrive for Office 365 users before reducing its unlimited tier to 1TB back in 2015. Still, it’s a shame to see the option go. Maybe someone else will come out with unlimited storage soon.