You Can Now Preorder the New Microsoft Surface Pen for $99.99

Microsoft has opened preorders for the new Surface Pen. The accessory is available for $99.99 and works with the new Surface Pro that, for whatever odd reason, doesn’t ship with a pen.


Interestingly, the pen is currently available in only one color: Platinum. When clicking on other color options, you’re prompted with the message that they’ll become available in the future. It’s unclear why this is so, but if you want a Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, or Black Surface Pen, you’re gonna have to wait a little while.

The new Surface Pen features a 21ms latency between the screen and pen itself while drawing, while various angle support is also present if you want to draw at an angle. You can use the Surface Pen with older Surface devices like the Surface Studio, Surface Book, and Surface Pro 4, but tilting will only work on the Studio and Book when new firmware is released for this specific hardware.

The new Surface Pen will begin shipping June 15th.