Everyone Will Soon Be Able to Beta Test Apple’s tvOS 11

Normally when new software is released by Apple, it enters a beta stage which remains in play for around three months. There have always been two different beta levels, if you will, with one available exclusively to developers and the other available to the rest of the world to try out. And if you’re not a developer, you’ve always been stuck beta testing either iOS or macOS. But straight outta nowhere, this has changed.

Over on Apple’s public beta website, they note that iOS, macOS, and tvOS will all soon enter public beta stages with their respective latest releases. Unfortunately, watchOS is still exclusively available to developers for testing, but iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, and tvOS 11 will all be available to anyone who wants to try them out before they’re released later this year.

tvOS 11 will bring automatic switching of dark and normal modes depending on the time of day or whatever time you set them to, home screen syncing options across various Apple TVs, new background options for further customization, notification support, Focus API improvements, customized sound support, and network-based pairing & development support in addition to improvements to Mobile Device Management.