Andy Rubin’s Essential Unveils New Home Assistant Hub, But We Know Nothing About It

Today brought the news of the first Essential phone, and now Andy Rubin’s newly established company has introduced a smart home hub known simply as Essential Home. The only problems is we know almost nothing about it.

Screenshot (281)

Okay, we do know some stuff. We know you can control your music, lights, ask questions, and more all with your voice, but we don’t know who exactly is handling these commands whether it be Essential’s own smart assistant or something like the Google Assistant or Alexa. Considering Essential will do all of these things “better,” it’s pretty safe to assume they’ve cooked up their own solution.

Screenshot (280)

We also know it runs Ambient OS, a new custom interface built by Essential which bases itself off of a circular, material design. Essential says it’s basically an “API” in which it enables itself to learn the physical layout of your home, it’s occupants and all of the smart home devices you may have lying around. With this data stored mainly on the device itself to avoid potentially insecure connections to the cloud, the hub can recommend actions to take during your day when it thinks you may want to perform them. Basically, the Essential Home wants to be that butler you wish you had but can’t afford, all  without the”boxes, tubes, or strange lights.”

But then there’s other unanswered questions. For instance, we don’t know what type of third-party integrations will be available, how much Essential Home will cost, or even when it might get released. All we really have are some screenshots of renderings and a bunch of possibilities we have yet to see in real life. Of course, when more information becomes available, we’ll let you know. But who knows? We might have to wait a while for it.