Mujjo Leather Case for Galaxy S8 Review

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 looks gorgeous. It’s all-glass, has curves everywhere, and each time you look at the device, you’ll notice some type of shimmer or reflection. But at the expense of such beauty comes the risk of you dropping the smartphone and ruining the build or just simply covering it in fingerprints which, I can tell you, looks gross. With this in mind, some of you may be interested in picking up a case for your new Galaxy S8 but may want to keep the sophisticated look Samsung provides. Mujjo, a company who used to only make iPhone cases, has a really great option when it comes to this case scenario.

When Mujjo reached out to MBEDDED, we had to check out their new Galaxy S8 all-leather case. It’s made of full-grain leather wrapped around a shell that features cutouts for the volume, power, and Bixby buttons, while the entire bottom portion of the accessory has been cut out for improved access to the headphone jack, speaker, and USB-C port. There’s also a slight lip on the front of the case that protects your S8’s display from face-down drops.

We opted for the black leather case, but there’s also a tan option available. I will say, the black is definitely the more stealthy option of the two, but I’m sure the tan would look just as nice. Regardless, it complemented our Orchid Gray Galaxy S8 pretty well as you can see in the images above. Mujjo also says the leather on the case will age gracefully, but we have yet to see this claim spring to life. We’ll have to let you know down the line.

Mind you, this case won’t provide you with the most protection. Rather, it will protect the back side of the S8 by using microfiber material for the lining of the accessory and provide you with extra gripability which is much needed for a glass phone. Seriously, my unit keeps sliding out of my pocket, so this case is definitely much welcome to me.


All in all, if you just need something to pop on the back of your new S8 or S8+ and still look classy doing so, the new Mujjo all-leather case should be considered. It’s available from the company’s online store for €37.11 or around $41.50 in USD. If you’re shopping for the S8+, it’ll run you €41.24 or about $46.12. Clearly, these aren’t the cheapest cases available, but at the end of the day, you’ll be satisfied.