The Moto G5S Plus May Sport Dual Cameras

New renderings have emerged of two new phones Lenovo is cooking up under the Moto branding: the G5S and the G5S Plus. Yes, those are two mouthfuls,  but this may be forgiven if recent rumors are true regarding the handsets.

Starting with the G5S (via Android Authority), it looks as if Moto’s going for an incremental upgrade here with improved internals and an all-metal body with the same design as the previous G5. A 5.2-inch 1080p display will sit on top. Unfortunately, that’s really all we know about this handset, but we know a bit more about the G5S Plus, and this device looks to be a much better option overall.

The G5S Plus, if rumors and these renderings are correct, will sport dual rear cameras. It’s unclear how Moto will implement the hardware, but this will be the company’s first handset with this type of setup regardless. In addition, a similar all-metal body and 5.5-inch 1080p display will also be onboard.

Right now, we’re not sure how much Moto will sell these handsets for or where they’ll be available, but if history is of any indication, the G5S Plus may be the only one to make it to the States. That wouldn’t exactly be a problem given that it sports dual cameras, upgraded internals, and will likely run for a low cost. We’ll no doubt hear more about these handsets soon so stay tuned.