Instagram Now Lets You Archive Your Pictures for Private Viewing

Instagram is now rolling out an update to both iOS and Android users in which you can now archive your pictures and videos, therefore allowing only yourself to view them. The social platform is touting the feature as a better alternative to simply deleting your photos as you may wanna view them at a later time while still not letting others check them out. Your content archive lives in a menu accessible from your profile while archiving photos and videos is as easy as tapping the “…” menu on the content you wish to make private.

In other news, Instagram is also now allowing users to search for Stories via hashtags much like they can for other videos and photos uploaded. You can now also view Stories in specific locations, so if you’re in New York, you’ll see a collective Story of photos and videos uploaded in that specific location by multiple users. Mind you, only Stories using location stickers will appear, so it’s not like everyone in one particular area will be featured at once.

For your privacy, you can also opt out of allowing Instagram to share your content in public Stories.

All of these changes are now hitting users who are running v10.22 of Instagram on iPhone and Android.