Deal: Samsung is Offering an Excellent BOGO on the Galaxy S8 with Little Strings Attached

Samsung is currently holding a promotion for a limited time where if you buy a Galaxy S8 or S8+ from their website, they’ll give you another S8 for free. Like, totally-no-monthly-credits-or-prepaid-debit-cards-issued free. You simply receive a refund of up to $750 to cover the cost of the second phone.

Pretty sweet, huh?

The only downside to this deal is you need to activate at least one of the S8s on a current T-Mobile plan, but you could always cancel right afterward. Other than that, there’s literally no fine print to read or consequences that come with this deal worth noting, so now’s a pretty good time to buy an S8 if you’ve been considering it.

In addition, you even get an Entertainment Kit with a Clear View standing case, a 64GB microSD card, and a 6-month Netflix subscription. All in all, buy an S8 now. Just do it.