Google Updates Pixel Launcher in Android O w/ Quicker Widget Access, Customizable Icons [Download APK Here]

As a part of Android O, Google today updated the Pixel Launcher for the Pixel and Pixel XL with some new features. For instance, quicker access to an app’s widget is now possible via a long press on an app’s icon which can then allow you to drag and drop a widget onto your home screen. You can now also change the shape of your apps’ icons from a plain circle to three other shapes. You can also opt to have none of your icons changed.

We were able to get the quick access to apps’ widgets working on one of our non-Pixel phones here in the office, but the customizable icons weren’t availab.e Luckily, the good folks at Android Police took the following screenshots to demonstrate the addition.

We’ll let you know if we find any more changes in the latest version of the Pixel Launcher. In the meantime, feel free to download the Launcher’s APK from APK Mirror to test out on your own device.