Google Now Lets Anyone Build Instant Apps

Last year at I/O, Google formally debuted Instant Apps as a way to use functionality within downloadable applications without having to download the app itself to your device. This feature is entirely based on web technologies, but it hasn’t exactly grown in its 12 months of existence. That being said, Google wants this to change as the company has announced any interested developers can begin creating Instant Apps via the newly released Android Studio 3.0 which also adds support for Kotlin.

According to Google, there’s already over 50 different Instant Apps for users to try out right now, including ones from HotPads, Jet, The New York Times, Vimeo, and One Football. The developers behind the apps are also noticing increases in purchases and generated leads thanks to Instant Apps, so it looks like Google’s new initiative to get more people to use different applications is actually starting to show signs of success. Of course, only time will tell if they can actually make a difference, but at least they’re getting off to a good start.