Google Lens Lets You Scan Objects and Learn More About Them

Google’s solution to Samsung’s Bixby Vision is here. It’s called Google Lens and ties in with the Assistant. At I/O 2017, the company debuted the function by scanning things like flowers, restaurants, and more which allowed for more information to pop up in regard to identified objects. This is literally what Google Glass did a few years back and what Samsung’s Bixby Vision can do now. But with Google, the feature will be more widespread, so it looks like Bixby is now really just useless.

Another cool little trick with Lens is Wi-Fi passwords. With Google Lens, you can scan that stupid long Wi-fi password on the side of your router and automatically connect to the network. This is by far the handiest function of Lens, so I’m sure many will use it.

Google says Lens will arrive “soon.” It’ll integrate with the Google Assistant and Photos at launch, while other services will get it as well in the future.