Google Home Can Now Make Phone Calls and Cast Visuals to Your TV

Google Home is getting a really nice upgrade today, via I/O 2017. During the keynote, Google announced they’re adding hands-free phone calls to their home speaker which is capable of calling any mobile or landline you can think of, totally free. And if you say, “Hey Google, call Mom,” Home will call your mom. If your partner says, “Hey Google, call Mom,” Home will call their mom. It’s a handy feature I’m sure will be used pretty frequently.

Google Home is also getting tied in tighter with Cast.

Later this year, we’ll add visual responses from your Assistant on TVs with Chromecast. You’ll be able to see Assistant answers on the biggest screen in your house, whether you’re asking “what’s on YouTube TV right now?” or “what’s on my calendar today?”

Finally, HBO Now, CBS All Access, and HGTV are all being added to Home so you can just ask the Assistant to play whatever content you want from these services.