Instagram Adds Face Filters to Stories and Rips Off Snapchat Yet Again

Instagram is back at it again, ripping Snapchat off feature by feature. Today brings face filters, new AR-powered effects that can place masks and effects around your head as it’s being tracked. This is literally a complete clone of Snapchat’s filters, only Instagram has their own set. If you recall, these filters have previously reached Facebook’s stories clone.

Right now, there’s only eight different filters to use, but Instagram will obviously add more in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw sponsored filters as well. Clearly, Instagram is trying to pry every last user of Snapchat’s platform off and move them over to their own service, and with today’s news, do you really have another reason to use Snapchat? I mean, seriously, chances are your friends on Snapchat are probably on Instagram, too. Just make the switch and let Snapchat slowly die.

Boy, I’m harsh. But it’s true.

Agree? Let me know.

Anyway, in other news, you can now record videos that play in reverse as a part of Instagram Stories. You can also now use an eraser brush for more creative snaps. Finally, a new hashtag sticker is available which you can assign to any hashtag you can think of.

All of these changes are now rolling out to iOS and Android users as a part of Instagram v10.21.