You Can Now Stream HDR Content from Netflix on the LG G6

LG announced the G6 had support for watching HDR content back in February, but we have had yet to see actual proof of this. Now, we don’t have to wait any longer as Netflix has updated its Android app which enables HDR playback on supported devices.

Yes, it’s true the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium all support HDR content as well, but the only device certified by Dolby so far is the G6, meaning this is the only device Netflix can push its HDR content to at this time. Dolby’s list of signed off devices will surely grow in the near future, but for now, only G6 users will get this perk.

To stream HDR content on the G6, you’ll have to be subscribed to Netflix’s highest-paid plan which costs $11.99/month. Once you’re subscribed, just sign into the latest version of the Netflix app for Android. Currently, only limited shows like Dare DevilHouse of Cards, and Marco Polo are streaming in HDR, so your High Dynamic Range library will be pretty small for the time being. Hopefully, in the near future, more content will be added to Netflix’s growing list.