You Now Only Have to Spend $25 to Get Free Shipping at Amazon

It seems like Amazon can’t make up its mind when it comes to how much money you have to spend in order to get free shipping. The original cost was $25, but it began increasing back in 2013 in order to attract customers to subscribe to the company’s Prime membership which covers all shipping expenses regardless of how much you spend. Previously, the minimum you’d have to spend was $49, but it has now decreased back to $25 with no explanation.

Of course, with increased competition thanks to Walmart who now offers free shipping on orders over $35, Amazon had to make their move. And it looks like they have to an extent. I say this because while Amazon will ship your package in 4-5 business days, Walmart will ship your order for free in two days. Clearly, Amazon will need to do some work to make using their site a bit more appealing, but this is a start.