Report: Apple to Upgrade Older Retail Stores w/ New Design ‘Overnight’ Next Week

A new report out of 9to5Mac claims that Apple is planning to give it’s older retail stores an upgrade to the new redesign the company recently introduced. The report says the change could come overnight on May 16th and debut the next morning when the stores reopen for business.

Mind you, not all stores are suited for the full refresh. Apple will accommodate each store with as much as they can take, with the minimum amount of changes likely happening in the accents and finishes department. For instance, wood textures and granite will likely take over current elements.

An overnight refresh isn’t entirely an out-of-the-box claim. Last month when Apple was detailing it’s new efforts to attract more people to hang out at their stores, Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, said to CBS This Morning that some changes may come “literally overnight.” Therefore, this report is somewhat believable, although it lacks concrete evidence that this change is legit.

Currently, there’s no specifics as to how many stores will get the new design whether it be all of them or just a portion. We’ll update this article with any new information that rolls in.