Newton Email App Announces Integration with Amazon Alexa

Newton, a premium email client formally known as CloudMagic, today announced a new Skill they’re launching for Amazon’s Alexa platform that allows you to listen and take action on your emails. There aren’t many other services that let you do this, so it’s pretty cool to see the idea come alive from someone like Newton.

Too busy or too lazy to get to Newton on your phone but want to quickly catch up with your emails? Just ask Alexa. The Newton skill on Alexa will now make you stay on top of your emails without having to reach for your phone or computer.

To get everything set up, you’ll have to install the Skill via the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android device. You need to also have Newton installed on your device. From there, log into your Newton account to authorize Alexa. Then, start talking.

In their blog post, Newton notes you can say, “Alexa, ask Newton if I’ve got mail.” Alexa will then tell you whether there’s any new messages in your inbox. You can even have her read the emails to you.

Once you’re through hearing an email, she’ll ask, “What do you want me to do with this email?” You can then respond with any of the following commands to take action:

  • Mark as read

  • Delete, Archive

  • Mark as spam

  • Snooze till later

  • Snooze till afternoon

  • Snooze till tomorrow

  • Snooze till day after tomorrow

  • Snooze till Saturday

  • Snooze till Monday

  • Snooze to Desktop

If you say nothing at all, Newton will then read you your next email and the flow will loop back around. You can also ask Alexa who just emailed you if your phone just buzzed. Finally, if you really like the service, say, “Alexa, tell Newton that I’m a fan.”

Newton notes you can’t yet write emails or dictate responses due to Alexa’s inability of accepting free speech text. Still, this could prove to be a quicker way of staying on top of your emails throughout your day.