Amazon Launches FreeTime App for All Android Devices

Amazon today announced the launch of an official FreeTime app for all Android devices. The app brings the same parental tools from the company’s lineup of Fire tablets which allows you to monitor what content your little ones are consuming.

For instance, Amazon will streamline age-appropriate books, games, apps, websites, YouTube videos, and more into a simple, kid-friendly interface. You can also use Amazon’s recently-introduced “parent dashboard” with the app to track your children’s behaviors. And if ol’ kiddo is getting bored of what’s already available to him/her, you can pay a minimum of $2.99/month to expand the content library to more well-known titles.

Of course, there’s also time limits available so you child isn’t on your phone or tablet all day. Essentially, when their time expires, it’ll lock them out of your device until it unlocks at a later set time. This is probably ideal to get your kids to go to bed or outside to enjoy the fresh, Spring air.

The Amazon FreeTime app is available for free download from the Play Store. For more info, check out Amazon’s press release.