YouTube’s Material Design Overhaul is Official – Check it Out Here

Google has formally announced YouTube’s new material design overhaul that was first spotted last year. It comes as Google begins testing the new look which has yet to go live for all users and remains in preview stages.

Google notes that key principals of this new design include simplicity, consistency, and beauty. If you’ve followed the company at all since 2014, you’ll know this is essentially true. By giving YouTube a material makeover, it lines the platform up with other products and services offered by Google, as many different Google-branded sites (even Google AdSense and the Play Developer Console) have already received the new design language. It’s about time YouTube got the same treatment.

The leaked dark mode from last month is also here. “Developed to cut down on glare and let you take in the true colors of the videos you watch,” says Google, “Dark Theme turns your background dark throughout your entire YouTube experience.” It looks really slick and minimalist which is something you may want with a site like YouTube, so I’m glad to see it officially announced.

Currently, the material makeover of Youtube is rolling out to just a few users (roughly 1-3%, in fact). However, you can force the overhaul to load every time you visit YouTube by clicking here. Of course, you can always restore the old YouTube design by selecting “Restore classic YouTube” from your Account Menu.