Microsoft’s New Surface Arc Mouse Come in Three Colors and Costs $79.99

Microsoft had a lot to say at their event today in New York, so some stuff had to be cut and announced quietly online. The new Surface Arc Mouse is the perfect example of this effort.


Via their online store, Microsoft has announced it’s new Surface Arc Mouse that now comes in three colors: Burgundy, Light Gray, and Cobalt Blue. The accessory sports a snappable design that lets you flex its shape to fit one’s hand while snapping it back to a flat state will allow for it to fit in any bag and preserve battery life. It’s strikingly similar to the previous Arc Mouse that has now been discontinued.

For connecting, the Arc Mouse can be paired with your PC over Bluetooth. It’s compatible with Windows 8 and up and features a touch-sensitive surface for scrolling, while a mechanical mechanism provides a physical click. It’s now available for preorder at $79.99 over on Microsoft’s website.