ZTE Updates Axon 7 w/ Night Mode, 256GB microSD Card Expansion

ZTE has released a software update to the Axon 7 smartphone that enables some new features users will likely enjoy. For instance, there’s now a Night Mode that eliminates the blue light radiating from your phone’s display so you can get a better night’s sleep if you’re viewing while in bed. You can also now insert up to 256GB microSD cards to expand the onboard storage of the device. Previously, this number stood at 128GB.

There’s also a few other changes worth noting that you can view in the release notes below.

Release Notes:

  • Enables “Night Mode” setting
  • Supports 256GB microSD cards
  • Allows users to disable some stock apps
  • Optimizes the “Do Not Disturb” function
  • Fixes various Wi-Fi Calling issues
  • Improves device stability and security
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements and other fixes

ZTE says users can expect this update that remains based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat within the next 48 hours, so go into your Axon 7’s settings and check for an update.