Deal: Samsung’s Gear S3 Now Starts at $299

Samsung unveiled the Gear S3 Classic and Frontier last year at IFA 2016, and at a later date, the company confirmed the smartwatches would start at $349. This price isn’t exactly expensive, but it’s also not very cheap. This has been the cost since that day, but now the company is shaking things up.

Over on their official website, you can grab the Gear S3 starting at $299. This is a $50 price cut that will remain permanent, so this isn’t a flash sale you have to take advantage of today. It’ll last forever, so you’re good.

Mind you, both the Gear S3 Classic and Frontier with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cost $299, so it’s not like you have to opt for the Classic to get the lower price. However, the LTE variants of the smartwatches remain at their higher prices, so if you wanna walk away from your phone more often and still get notifications, you’ll have to pay more.