You Can Now Load the Google Assistant on Any Device with a New SDK

A new SDK has been launched by Google that allows interested developers to load the AI-backed Google Assistant on practically any device. The company says the toolkit is perfect for your own hardware prototype “like a self-built robot or a voice-enabled smart mirror,” so obviously the technology isn’t ready yet to go commercial. But eventually, it will be. And it may prove to be as successful as Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Google says for testing the SDK, they recommend hardware like a Raspberry Pi 3. Of course, there’s a variety of other devices you could use, but this one seems favored.

For all of you nerds out there, here’s a rundown of what the Google Assistant SDK consists of.

The Google Assistant SDK includes a gRPC API, a Python open source client that handles authentication and access to the API, samples and documentation. The SDK allows you to capture a spoken query, for example “what’s on my calendar”, pass that up to the Google Assistant service and receive an audio response.

If you need a little inspiration for what to create with the Google Assistant SDK, just check out Deeplocal’s mocktails mixer. You’ll thank me later.

Right now, there’s no need for a commercial license from Google to deploy the Assistant on your own hardware. But in the future, as the SDK and technology grow, this may become a requirement. In other words, now’s the time to tinker around before it’s too late.