You Can Now Slap Our Logo on Your Android Wear Watch

Smartwatches are trendy. Whether you have an Apple Watch, Moto 360, or LG Watch, there’s plenty of people out there with a computer strapped to their wrist to check notifications and get fitter. So what better way to enjoy your favorite technology news website than with a free watch face you can stare at for hours?


Yes, folks. Thanks to the smartwatch face making platform Facer available for use with Android Wear, we’ve designed our own custom watch face featuring our logo in the background in addition to a sleek, gray, textured wallpaper. You can also view your wearable’s battery status, view your step count, check the weather, and see the date all at a glance. And yes, we included a dim mode for those of you who are fans of the always-on display option.


It’s available for both round and square Android Wear devices, although it looks best on circular displays. Currently, we don’t have a face ready yet for the Apple Watch, but once we do we’ll let you know.

To get the exclusive MBEDDED watch face on your Android Wear device, download the Facer app to your Android or iOS smartphone and watch. From there, just search for “MBEDDED” in the face catalog and send the look over to your wrist (you can also do the same on your computer via this link). It’s stupid simple. And guess what? It’ll look stupid sharp.

Here’s some previews on a few popular smartwatches so you can get a feel for what to expect.

From today, we’re just 12 weeks away from our big second anniversary. We can’t wait to share the big news we have in store with you guys regarding both our site and mobile app!