You Can Now Ask Google Home How to Cook Over 5 Million Recipes

Admit it: you can’t cook. You can’t boil an egg, you can’t toast a slice of bread, you have no idea what the word “Soufflé” means – YOU CAN’T COOK! Well, guess what? Google has you covered.

Starting today, you can now ask the Google Assistant via the Google Home how to cook over 5 million recipes found across the web. Google says they’ve scoured recipes from Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network and more, so there should be no lack of available instructions from your favorite outlet.

To get a recipe, all you have to say is, “Ok Google, let’s make macaroons” and Google will start dictating a recipe for you to follow in order to make macaroons. You can also perform a Google search on your phone for a recipe and tap the “Send to Google Home” button to load up instructions. From there, just say, “Ok Google, start recipe” and Home will star teaching. You can also tell Home to “repeat” or ask “what’s step two?” in case you missed something.

Mind you, Home could already provide users with recipes to cook their favorite dishes, but there weren’t that many available. But if Google is actually legit, you now have access to over 5 million recipes at the sound of your voice, something I think many will find useful.

Google notes that not everyone may have access to this feature just yet, so if you don’t notice it today, “try again in a few days.”