Verizon Just Introduced an $80 Unlimited Prepaid Plan That’s Basically Pointless

Carriers are getting kind of funny nowadays. Verizon has announced a new $80/month ‘unlimited’ data prepaid plan that gets you unlimited data, calls, and texts over their network. Unfortunately, there’s a nice lineup of caveats customers will need to take into consideration before subscribing.

Here’s a list of those caveats.

  • Your data speeds are deprioritized by default so if Verizon’s network gets congested, you’ll experience your data speeds getting slower
  • There’s no tethering allowed
  • Video streams at 480p

Yes, you’re not mistaken. Verizon already has an $80/month unlimited standard plan that gets you a prioritized connection for your first 22GB used, HD video streaming, and 10GB of LTE tethering data. So why choose the $80/month prepaid plan? Beats me.

Seriously, think about it. Yes, I know there are some people who don’t wanna get roped into a carrier and would prefer to just pay once and have service for the next month, but in the same breath, there’s an even better option for the same price with more perks and stronger data connections. In this retrospect, this new prepaid plan kind of seems pointless.

Okay, I’m being too hard here. Maybe you just wanna get your feet wet in Verizon’s pool. Maybe you just need unlimited data for a month. Maybe you need the plan for your kid or a burner phone. If you shake your head “yes” to any of this gibberish, Verizon has you covered. But in reality, I say just stick with the standard $80/month unlimited plan. It’s a better value.