Report: Samsung to Sell a Galaxy Note 7 R with a Smaller Battery Starting in June

Samsung already confirmed that they’re bringing back the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 as a for sale/rent smartphone with a smaller battery. Problem is, details have remained slimmed since this day in late March regarding just how much this device will cost, where it’ll be sold, and when it may launch. Luckily, a new report out of ET News gives us some clarity into what we can expect from Samsung in the near future.

In the report, its stated that the Galaxy Note 7 will be sold as the Galaxy Note 7 R to indicate it’s a refurbished model. A smaller, 3200mAh battery will be included over the previous 3500mah cell found in the original Note 7. Pricing will reportedly sit at around 700,000 won, or about $620 USD. If you recall, this is roughly $266 cheaper than the original Note 7 so this may be a pretty good value in the end.

In addition, about 300,000 units of the 3-4 million Note 7s recalled will be put back up for sale with the smaller batteries.

As for launch times, ET News believes the Note 7 R will go up for sale in June at three major carriers in South Korea. Mind you, this likely won’t be the only location on the map to get the device, but note that the U.S. won’t anytime soon. Until then, we expect to hear much more regarding the resurrection of the Note 7 so stay tuned.