Google Launches YouTube Kids on a Variety of Smart TVs

Google launched their YouTube Kids app over two years ago as a way for younger audiences to watch content uploaded to the popular video-sharing network that was safe and appropriate for all ages. Now, the company has brought this same application over to a variety of smart TVs.

Specifically, 2015-2017 LG webOS TVs, all 2013-2017 Samsung smart TVs and Blu-Ray players, and (after a firmware upgrade) 2016-2017 Sony smart TVs besides Android TV sets are all supported by the new YouTube Kids app. Google hopes to expand this reach to more televisions in the future.

They also hope to grow their viewing statistics. Google reports more than 30 billion views and over 8 million weekly active viewers worldwide via the YouTube Kids service, so these numbers should grow pretty substantially thanks to today’s news. And in the future, even more viewers will be added, especially when the service launches on Android TV which will happen “soon.”