Sling TV Brings Cloud DVR Functionality to the Apple TV

Sling TV today announced it’s bringing its cloud DVR functionality to the Apple TV for users to stream content from the service stored for later. The platform will charge users an extra $5/month for 50GB of cloud space.

Mind you, this feature isn’t perfect yet for Apple’s set-top-box. Sling TV is calling it a “First Look” which should be it’s biggest indication that it isn’t entirely ready yet. For instance, some channels simply won’t work thanks to licensing restrictions. But over time, it should improve. Just be patient, friends.

All Sling TV content stored in your DVR will be saved as long as you’re a customer, a major selling point for the service which goes against many other cord-cutting solutions that’ll usually hold your content for around a month or so. So by using the feature on your Apple TV, nothing’s really changing. You’re just kind of getting a half-baked experience since the function isn’t entirely ready yet for the mainstream. Nevertheless, at least it’s actually here over not at all.