The Moto Z is Getting a Physical Keyboard Mod and Here’s Proof

A recent Indiegogo campaign aims to deliver a physical QWERTY keyboard in the form of a Moto Mod built for Moto’s Z series smartphones. And while we’ve had renderings of what the project may look like in the end, we’ve never had actual pictures of, say, a prototype. This changes today.

Behold, the physical slide-out keyboard for the Moto Z.


Now before you ask, this is just a prototype so it’s appearance could change before it ships (or if it even ships, for that matter). Regardless, we now have legitimate evidence that this thing is happening, even though it’s only bee funded half way and has two more weeks to bank another $50K.

Enjoy some more photos, why don’t you. Feel free to take a look at how thick this thing is, how the keyboard slides out, and how it can prop your phone up for you so you can type as if you were working with an ultra-tiny laptop.

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