Nintendo’s SNES Console May Be Making a Comeback Just Like the NES Did

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition was introduced last year to the overwhelming demand for the console. Nintendo was pretty flattered by this reaction by fans as they believed it was a simple novelty that die-hard fans would love to stick on a shelf. But they were wrong, and as they replenished their stock of said console, they’d sell out immediately. So what do they do? They discontinue it.

Surely that’s a way to solve a problem. Just ditch it.

Luckily, those who didn’t score a mini NES haven’t lost all luck. According to a new report out of Eurogamer, Nintendo’s currently cooking up a new SNES console that’ll be sold much like the NES Classic Edition, but possibly in higher quantities.

It’s likely that a miniature version of the SNES will be offered, with classic games coming built-in. The re-launched NES had 30 titles to choose from, so the SNES may include even more. And since Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition during the holidays, you probably won’t get your hands on the new SNES until the end of the year.

That being said, at least Nintendo isn’t letting their retro gaming systems die off. We got this signal last year with the NES, and now we’re receiving it again with the upcoming SNES. I’d say take this report with a grain of salt, but it seems too likely to happen to do so.