Instagram on Android is Gaining an Offline Mode, iOS Users May Get it Too

During their F8 conference this week, Facebook announced that Instagram is officially getting an offline mode. Starting on Android, users will be able to view recently uploaded posts, content in the Explore tab, like photos, unfollow people, and even visit recently viewed users. All of this is possible thanks to the social media platform caching this content natively on your phone in the background. Once your phone has internet again, your actions will be uploaded to Instagram’s servers.

According to TechCrunch, the functionality may also trickle down to those on iOS. Facebook is reportedly exploring the possibility of offline mode for Instagram on the iPhone, but they haven’t confirmed whether the feature will ever roll out. Here’s to the possibility that it does.

Instagram for Android users can expect this feature to begin rolling out immediately. You may even notice it on your own phone right now. Check and see. If you see it, let us know in the comments.