Here’s Our First Glimpse At the iPhone 8

Apple’s most anticipated product of 2017 has to be the upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone. No one really has a clue as to what it may be called (some say iPhone, others say iPhone Edition), while leaks, leaks, and more leaks have surfaced indicating some factors we can expect to be a part of the handset. Now in a new leak via Weibo, it looks like we’re finally receiving a glimpse at the smartphone at least in terms of design.


As you can see in the image above, the iPhone 8 (or whatever it’s called) will feature very minimal bezels similar to the LG G6 and Galaxy S8. The dual cameras won’t be horizontal this time around, but rather facing vertically with the flash directly below. There also appears to be some type of button or cutout on the back which we believe is the fingerprint sensor. This contradicts previous reports indicating this element would be placed beneath the display’s glass on the front of the phone. These images aren’t confirmed and may or may not be a depiction of what the actual iPhone 8 looks like, so don’t get your hopes up or crushed by this leak.

There also looks like a second button has been added to the right side of the device. It sits right below the power button. It’s unclear what this extra hardware activates, but it may be something like a camera button or, if Apple’s pulling a Samsung on us, a dedicated Siri key.

Finally, flattened sides, no headphone jack, and two speaker grills round out the rest of this leaked iPhone 8 rendering. You can try to guess what the dimensions are by checking out that chart in the image, but it’s hard to say which set belongs to the handset. Regardless, this mockup may or may not be debuted as a real device come September. Since there are so many other rumors out right now that go against quite a few depictions listed here, it’s hard to say how legitimate this evidence is. Therefore, I wouldn’t take this leak with anything but a grain of salt.