Samsung’s Reportedly Working on Prototype Dual-Screen Smartphones Because God Knows We Need Them

Fresh reports out of Korea suggest that Samsung is currently working on dual-screen smartphone prototypes they plan to manufacture in 2,000-3,000 quantities during the first half of this year. Mind you, they’re not built for consumers (at least not yet), but they should help pave the way for the company to continue their efforts in this category.

But why in the world do we need dual-screen smartphones? We’ve seen this idea come to life before with the Kyocera Echo and NEC Medias W N-05E, but they ultimately flopped because no one bought them. Samsung surely has had to think of this factor before, so maybe they have bigger plans. If the company’s prototypes prove to reach market to any extent, consumers will have two 5-inch OLED displays to work with that are connected via a single hinge. There’ll also likely be optimized software to compensate for the extra screen real estate, but that just means skins, skins, and more skins. Therefore, these phones will need to be powerful. They’ll also have to be able to compete with others like Apple, Google, LG, and more and prove that this irregular alternative is much more functional without being a gimmick at the same time. Regardless, we should learn more about Samsung’s latest efforts in the future. Stay tuned.