Nintendo’s Switch Joy-Cons Will Soon Be Available in Neon Yellow

This evening, Nintendo announced a new color option for the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers: Neon Yellow. Now, you can look like you have two bananas strapped to the sides of your Switch while your gaming. Sweet.

Jokes aside, it’s nice to see Nintendo introducing new personalization options for the Switch as their target audience (teens and young adults) fits the level of customization presented here to a T. In addition to the new color scheme, there’s also a new battery pack for the Joy-Cons that requires two AA batteries. This is to juice up your controllers while on the go in case you run out of power a bit too early into your gameplay. Sure, you can always use the Switch itself to juice up, but if you’re playing with friends, this may be your best option.


Both new accessories will be available starting June 16th.