Apple Sues Swatch Over Their ‘Tick Different’ Slogan

Apple’s ‘Think Different’ marketing campaign was one of the most successful and important in the company’s history, so it only makes sense for them to defend what’s theirs. Via MacRumors, word has surfaced that the iPhone maker is suing the Switzerland-based watchmaker Swatch over the latter’s use of ‘Tick Different,’ a slogan blatantly similar to ‘Think Different.’ According to Swatch, this is just a coincidence that the two slogans are so similar, but Apple believes otherwise.

Specifically speaking, Apple initially tried blocking Swatch from using the ‘Tick Different’ slogan by filing a claim to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. This attempt failed, so they’ve now accused Swatch of trademark infringement in hopes that they’ll put an end to this marketing campaign to promote their new NFC-enabled smartwatch. The court, on the other hand, will need proof that more than 50% of the Swiss population are associated with the ‘Think Different’ campaign (via Watson). This may be a high bar to clear as Swatch’s other slogan from the 80s (‘Always different, always new’) claims to be the origin of this new marketing term and may be associated with more people. Nevertheless, Swatch and Apple have a history together what with the former somehow claiming a trademark for ‘One more thing,’ so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.