Google Will Now Store Shopping Lists in the Google Home and Express Apps

Google has updated the Google Assistant today which enables the voice bot to store shopping lists created by users in the Google Home and/or Express apps. The move comes at a time where basically all of your lists live inside Google Keep. If you already have shopping lists inside Keep, by the way, you’ll notice that they’ve moved to the other apps. This way you don’t have to create new ones.

We saw list-creating functionality launch in Google Express earlier this year, so this feature isn’t entirely unexpected. However, long-time Keep users may be upset by the news. Luckily, you can still tell the Assistant to “Take a note” instead of a “Shopping list.” More information on the change can be found here.

So why make the change in the first place? It’s likely that Google wants to create a more unified experience with the Home and Home app rather having to rely on multiple apps to keep everything in order. I’m for the change as I belive it offers better organization, but again, some may disagree and want to continue using Keep. Whatever side you fall on, we can expect more Home-centric changes like this to surface in the future.