Facebook Adds Friends’ Faces to Stories Feed in Latest Beta

Facebook wants you to use Stories. It’s going pretty well on Instagram, but not so much on their own app. They wanna change this. How? By placing your friends’ faces right in the Stories feed.

Before, you would see just your face and a link to Direct in the Stories feed. Now, Facebook lists all the friends you frequently engage with on the platform in hopes that you’ll recognize they’re not using Stories yet and tell them to do so. Look, all of my friends are pretty much 35+ years in age, so I’m not gonna start cold calling anytime soon. But maybe you will. Maybe your Facebook friends use Snapchat and you want them to stop and switch to Facebook. I doubt that, but you never know.

We’re seeing this change on the Facebook for Android beta on multiple devices. Let us know if you see the change in the comments below.