Unsurprisingly, You Can Trick the Galaxy S8’s Facial Unlock with a Picture

It’s a classic trick that many have tried before when the feature was introduced back in 2011 with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and unsurprisingly, it carries over to 2017’s most anticipated flagship. Via bloggers Marcianophone , a picture can be held up to a Galaxy S8 of the same person who has facial recognition set up to get inside their phone. A video by iDeviceHelp demonstrates the spoof.

This just goes to show you facial recognition isn’t secure whatsoever. Sure, Samsung says they aren’t using Android’s default engines to provide a facial unlock utility, but they also say this isn’t the most secure way to lock your phone. Rather, a password, PIN, fingerprint, or iris is recommended to be registered instead. That doesn’t go without saying that facial recognition has already proven convenient thanks to its speed. It just won’t keep you away from people who may look like you or have your picture.